KOMSO review

KOMSO is without a doubt the best and most stable tipster in betrush. He gives only well-analyzed tips with insider info on different sports – football, basketball, handball. No losing months. To follow his tips Bet365 account is a must have. His hard work results in his amazing results:

– yield 31% from around 700 tips.

Recently he started to release a lot of LIVE PICKS with great results and long lasting odds.

Dedi22 blogabet review

Dedi22 is maybe the best tipster in the world. He is an expert in all israelli football leagues and have a lot of insider informations which helps him to achieve the amazing stats:

– 42% yield from over 1600 tips

To follow his tips you must have a Bet365 account.

Marco Cage betrush review

Marco Cage is a well-known from other platforms basketball tipster. His results are impressive:

– 12% yield from 400 tips

His odds are from PINNACLE – stable odds and good to follow from high rollers!

BskBets Betonsuccess review

Maybe the best basketball tipster in the world with amazing results.

  Profit every month, no losing months!

–  18.3% yield from over 3000 picks!

To follow him is bets to have a Bet365 account.

Masseria blogabet review

Masseria is a great expert in romanian sports – football, basketball, handball, volleyball, futsal, etc. Service is based on great informations and analyses (info about injury crisis, financial problems, coming with reserves/youngsters, having help from A team etc).

– 28% yield from over 900 tips

No losing months. To follow his tips you must have a Bet365 account.