Betting is a long term investment that requires lots of time and effort. We are here to help you bet right and bet on the right tipsters! Just read the following text, get the tipsters you want from us and watch your bank account growing!

1. Smart betting
The first rule of being a successful is to bet mostly on singles! This way the chance to win is way better. Don’t be greedy to bet on combos, just bet consistently and make up to 20-30% profit of your starting bank!

2. The percent of the bank method
This method is fairly simple but lets you have more profits and less losses. It allows you to choose the amount of money you bet on a tip based on your bank (your total betting money). This percent is recommended to be between 2% and 5%.

For example: Your starting bank is €1000, That means that a single bet from you should be between €20 and €50.

The percent can vary based on the performance of every tipster. For example a good tipster with lots of wins you should bet 5% on, but a relatively worse tipster with some losses here and there you should bet less percent. This way you can minimize the risk you take and maximize your profits!

3. How many tipsters should I follow?
We recommend you follow 5-6 tipsters maximum. This is the “golden number” of tipster you want to bet on. The more good tipsters you have – the more profit you’ll make. Also if you bet on 5-6 different tipsters, you are not dependent only on one tipster’s results. And you take less risk of losing money that way.

For example you bet on 1 tipster only. If he losses you lose too. But if you bet on 5-6 tipsters if one losses and the others win, they will cover the lost and you will make profit.

4. Bookmakers
It’s good if you have accounts in 2-3 different bookies. That way you can see which of them offers the best possible odds and bet there. Our favourite bookies are bet365, betfair and Pinnacle.